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Because reporting Scope 3 emissions should be straightforward.



The SEC is on the verge of making Scope 3 reporting mandatory for publicly traded companies.


EFRAG will soon launch the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, affecting 50,000 businesses.

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In October 2022, the ISSB voted unanimously to require Scope 3 reporting for organizations.

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Scope 3 Data

Scope 3 emissions represent up to 90% of overall emissions. Less than 20% of suppliers disclose their Scope 3 emissions.

We identify the relevant data for Scope 3 emissions reporting for your electronics and electrical equipment. Examples include your supply chain's adherence to international multilateral agreements, the quantity of critical materials extracted, gases released during the manufacturing processes, and core climate data from the Net Zero Public Utility (NZDPU).


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Biodiversity and Pollution Data

Learn how your operations may contribute to biodiversity loss within a species, an ecosystem, or a given geographic area. Determine your share of the responsibility for reducing and cleaning up pollution.

Biodiversity: For example, we look for changes in indigenous vegetation, new construction of river dams, rehabilitated pit lakes, restored lakes, indigenous tree planting, the ratio of resident versus migratory bird species, wetland policies, remote and undeveloped areas, endemic, native vascular plant species.

Pollution: We also search for signs of marine and terrestrial ecotoxicity. Evidence may come in the form of fines due to a failure to install a double liner system, leachate collection and removal systems and leak detection system, run-on, run-off and wind dispersal controls, and construction quality assurance. We also follow reports on the prevalence of particulate matter (PM).

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